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Formation and General Corporate Matters

Liang Law Office has represented businesses of all sizes on a variety of general corporate matters, with an eye towards taking into account each company's short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. The firm's general corporate practice offers a number of services, with expertise in the areas of:

Once an entity is formed, the firm works with clients to maintain corporate records, comply with statutory requirements and manage all other ongoing needs of the business.


Liang Law Office can assist startup companies with avoiding the pitfalls commonly made by inexperienced companies, paving the road to attracting investment by venture capital or private equity investors.

The firm works with startup companies to structure seed capital offerings to family and friends. As a company grows, the firm advises on equity offerings to raise venture capital from angel and institutional investors. As a result of Liang Law Office’s continuing involvement in these types of financings, the firm has developed a network of investor contacts and has strategic relationships with several equity groups.

Today's venture capital and private equity investors have an endless number of startup businesses to choose from, and a business with a poorly-thought out legal structure or onerous demands from seed investors is less likely to receive the start-up capital it needs to proceed to its next stage of growth.

With an eye towards the company's immediate and future financial goals, Liang Law Office can draft formation and initial investment documents in a way that will help the company get off the ground and attract potential investors.


Liang Law Office has assisted companies with bolstering their business by closing transactions for their lending arms and securing financing for companies from interested lenders to grow and expand operations. The firm has represented both lenders and borrowers in complex secured and unsecured financing transactions. For lenders, the firm provides counsel with respect to principal documents such as credit agreements and promissory notes, and if the debt is secured, security, pledge and guarantee agreements. For borrowers, the firm negotiates points with lenders which will have a great deal of practical significance for a borrower by preventing its day-to-day business from being hamstrung by overly burdensome lender covenants and requirements.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Liang Law Office can assist all types of businesses through the complex processes comprising merger, acquisition and divestment transactions. The firm has represented all sides in a wide range of merger, acquisition and divestment transactions, including buyers, sellers, and investors. Liang Law Office can also offer guidance to clients on issues including investor relations, corporate governance and reorganization tactics.


Liang Law Office has developed an integrated approach to representing all types of media clients, with a focus on the proper application of intellectual property law principles to novel issues faced by clients in these pioneering fields. The firm offers media companies complete representation in the salient areas of intellectual property law and often acts as outside general counsel.

The firm's pragmatic approach focuses on attaining optimal business deals while also counseling clients regarding protection of their intellectual property rights and avoiding infringement of others' rights.

Film & Entertainment

Experience is key when it comes to representing professionals in the motion picture industry. Whether you are creating a film on your own or investing in another filmmaker's project, Liang Law Office has experience representing a number of professionals within the film and entertainment industry. The firm can offer guidance in a number of areas, including:

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